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The challenge


DelayFix is a combination of a technology company and a specialised law firm that enables passengers to pursue claims as a result of disruptions during air travel. As the only company on the market, it offers tools to ensure quick and hassle-free compensation.


Legal services in aviation matters is a dynamically growing market with a lot of competition. Our task was to prepare a promotional campaign that will stand out from the competition and contribute to building awareness of the DelayFix brand.


The brand’s underdeveloped social channels proved to be a challenge.

What have we done?


An analysis of the competitive activities of entities showed that most of them are positioned through advertising activities on the Internet. We decided to go a step further and take advantage of the advantages of content and influencer marketing.


In communication, we focused on building the awareness of Poles regarding air compensation, which for a large part of our compatriots still remained a mystery. In order to further engage the online community and increase brand recognition, we organized a “Stuck” contest in which we looked for ideas for creative spending time at the airport.

The course of the campaign

In cooperation with influencers, we have prepared articles on blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts and Instastories series. Thanks to this, our message reached a wide community. Substantive materials made readers aware of their rights and drew their attention to Delay Fix.

A dedicated website with an application form was created for the contest purposes. Users interacted with the brand, which influenced its memorability, and the company gained valuable leads.



50 000
views of articles
185 000
social media coverage
1 026


Working with Remarkable Ones was smooth and timely. The agency showed a modern approach to communication, and the idea of the campaign met with a positive reception among a specific target group, which resulted in increasing the company’s awareness.

Paweł Łojewski – DelayFix

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