We deliver engaging stories about those who change our world.

Stories you can [feel].

At Ro, we are focused only on effectively publicising your brand. We achieve this goal by combining communication in the media, influencers, content and performance into one efficiently functioning, masterfully effective marketing mix.

We're on
the same wave.

Feel the [flow].

We evoke interest, build relationships, increase loyalty, strengthen our reputation and stimulate sales.

Effects of cooperation

We find creative ways to engage your audience in communication.

We see more.
We reach further.

We transform ideas
[We generate] experience.


We organise a joint strategic session in which you provide us with the details of the project. We’re looking at the market, the business environment, the competition and your audience. We check what communication has looked like so far and on this basis we present you with recommendations on how it should look like in the future.


We are developing a communication strategy. Together with you, we determine to whom, what, when and how we will communicate. We prepare a detailed recommendation of creative communication activities that will ensure publicity for your brand. All this is enclosed in a precise schedule and budget.


We consistently implement the planned communication activities. We stay in constant contact with you and report on the next steps of the project. We respond flexibly to change. We overcome all the adversities in order to achieve the assumed goal.


We present a detailed report on the completed activities. We assess the key parameters of the campaign: reach, level of engagement, sentiment of interaction, number and quality of leads acquired, % of sales growth. We provide conclusions and recommendations for future activities.

We achieve spectacular communication effects thanks to close cooperation, courage, perseverance and trust of our clients. These are the ones who have put their trust in us.

Applied [in life].

A captivating story is like a gun placed to your head. It does not allow to pass past it with indifference. It is simple, concrete, surprising and contains emotions.

Let's tell
your story together.

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in the most comfortable way for you:

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