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How to effectively publicize the round? #Ubrania do Oddania

Media Relations

The challenge


Polish startup that is revolutionizing the second hand market in Poland. The company has developed a system enabling circulation of used clothing, giving clothes a second life thanks to a network of its own boutiques and cooperation with well-known fashion brands. At the same time, it combines clothing collections with financial support for foundations and charities in an innovative way.


Our task was to reach various groups of stakeholders – investors and fashion brands, with a message about the round and plans to revolutionize the SH clothing market in Poland.


At the same time, we had to reach a wide list of media: business, finance, mainstream and commercial media. The challenge was the small amount of funds raised and a niche topic. An obstacle was the lack of interest in startup topics among commercial and mainstream media.

What have we done?


In communication, we focused on personalizing the press release for different media groups, separating different communication contexts


We focused on well-known names and brands from the fashion industry, which joined the group of investors and team members. We highlighted the company’s revolutionary plans, pointing to global zero waste trends among fast fashion giants. We strongly exposed the female face of business by using the image of the founder.

The course of the campaign

We have prepared two press releases with a different message. This made it possible to address the needs of various media groups. In the case of general news press offices, meticulous preparation of a list of journalists and personalized addresses were also crucial.


media publications
145 000 zł
the value of media publications


Remarkable Ones surprises us every day with its professionalism, commitment and approach to communication challenges, which as an innovative company we throw at them every day. From the very beginning of our cooperation, they very accurately support us in making the right decisions and co-create with us a communication strategy, the denominator of which is credibility, ecology and transparency of activities.

Zosia Zochniak - Ubrania do Oddania

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