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Communication of the report “Visit to the beauty salon. Polish hair&beauty industry”

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The challenge


Versum is the leader of hair&beauty salons management software on the global market. As many as 3 million bookings are made per month using the platform. Versum includes the brand Moment – an application and marketplace for the hair&beauty industry.


Remarkable Ones undertook to prepare a report on the hair&beauty industry in Poland and the distribution of the developed material among journalists of business, industry and lifestyle media.


The challenge in this project was the lack of extensive media publications and reports on the hair&beauty industry and how Poles use the services of salons.

What have we done?


The communication of the report was conducted in two parallel ways: to business and industry media and to lifestyle media. Press releases, depending on the medium, differed in the main message.


In the case of business media, the thread from the report was emphasized, saying that Poles arrange visits to hairdressers and beauticians during working hours, how much money they spend on their appearance and how the salons themselves work. The communication to the lifestyle media described more broadly the habits of Poles in terms of taking care of beauty and the way they use services. This press release was further supported by sending a creative package.

The course of the campaign

As part of the cooperation:

  • We have developed the concept of communication activities related to the report and the concept of sending a creative package to lifestyle media
  • We have conducted an analysis and compiled data for the report purposes
  • We prepared a press release and sent it to business, industry and lifestyle media journalists
  • We organized 15 meetings with lifestyle media journalists to distribute creative package and talk about the possibilities of publishing the report
  • We talked and corresponded with over 30 journalists


media publications
3 000 000
reach (UR)
130 000
value of publication (PLN)


We’ve been working together for months. We highly value their creativity and commitment. They work quickly, efficiently and, above all, effectively.

Sebastian Maśka – Versum

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