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Promotion of the largest technology conference in Central and Eastern Europe

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The challenge


Infoshare is the largest technology conference in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, more than 6000 participants, more than 200 speakers and more than 500 startups from all over the world take part in it. Initially, the conference was addressed mainly to programmers. Over time, the idea of the event began to evolve and open up to business, startups, marketing.


The problem was the label of the event as a conference for programmers, lack of communication to new target groups and absence in business and marketing media. It was necessary to acquire a wide range of media and institutional patrons who would change the image of the conference and raise its profile.


An additional challenge was the fact that in 2019, for the first time, participation in the conference was paid for by all participants – it was important to the organizers that random people did not participate in the event.

What have we done?


In the prepared communication strategy, we wanted Infoshare 2019 to be seen as an event that is a space to talk about important things, combining business and technology.


We based our communication on two big contexts:

  • The cyclical Startup Contest, in which several hundred startups from Poland and abroad participate,
  • Topics in the field of business support by technologies.

The presence of Infoshare in the media before the conference was also reinforced by a number of scheduled interviews with speakers. We strengthened publications in the media by promoting the report on artificial intelligence.

The course of the campaign

As part of the cooperation with Infoshare in 2019:

  • We have mapped the media in Poland in detail.
  • We have acquired 64 patrons and media partners and 2 institutional patrons.
  • We have created a number of contexts for communication.
  • We ran the Infoshare press office, communicating with over 200 journalists from Poland.
  • We accredited 63 journalists from nationwide business/startup, marketing and technology media including radio and TV representatives to the event.
  • During the two days of the conference, we coordinated over 100 interviews in a dedicated Media Area.

The work lasted for 5 months, also during and after the conference.


media publications
3 567 000
reach (UR)
1 237 000
publication value (PLN)


Professionalism, creativity and great effectiveness – this is how I can describe Remarkable Ones. Our cooperation proves that a good PR agency is the key to success.

Ewa Siekierska – Infoshare

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