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How to reconcile business, ecology and charity?

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The challenge


Polish startup that is revolutionizing the second hand market in Poland. The company has developed a system enabling circulation of used clothing, giving clothes a second life thanks to a network of its own boutiques and cooperation with well-known fashion brands. At the same time, it combines clothing collections with financial support for foundations and charities in an innovative way.


Spreading environmental awareness, shaping sustainable consumer attitudes and at the same time reaping business benefits – these are the goals of the project. Our work consisted of strategic consulting, media relations and increasing brand awareness at both the B2B and B2C level.


Our challenge was to find answers to the questions: How to explain difficult phenomena in a simple way? How to promote pro-ecological activities and at the same time not to scare away? How to encourage corporations to act in accordance with the principle of less waste?

What have we done?


When the client’s activity touches on difficult and multi-threaded topics, first of all, you should focus on clear and consistent content. So it was in this case. After starting cooperation, we focused on a comprehensive communication audit – a website and materials addressed to various target groups: journalists, corporations, foundations and consumers.


The unique business model of the project allows you to provide support at the individual level or as part of business activities, which is why when developing a communication strategy, we took into account the needs of both these groups. We created key messages in accordance with the idea of full transparency of business and based on 3 main aspects: education, help and mutual benefits.

Cooperation process

We have developed the content of presentations, mailings, educational packages and materials for the media in accordance with the adopted communication strategy. We co-created the assumptions of the CSR program addressed to companies and corporations, as well as supported the promotion of clothing collections.

We kept in touch with the media. We positioned the founders of the company as experts in the field of circular economy of the clothing industry, and also promoted the ideas guiding the initiative among influencers.

Clothes to Give is undoubtedly a business with a human face, which is why we also took care of presenting the faces behind it. We organized a photo session for the team taking into account the needs of business and lifestyle communication.


media publications
315 000
reach (UR)
410 000
publication value (PLN)


Remarkable Ones surprises us every day with its professionalism, commitment and approach to communication challenges, which as an innovative company we throw at them every day. From the very beginning of our cooperation, they very accurately support us in making the right decisions and co-create with us a communication strategy, the denominator of which is credibility, ecology and transparency of activities.

Zofia Zochniak – Ubrania Do Oddania

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